Elvin Montgomery, Ph.D.

Appraisal Services

In addition to being an educator and management consultant, Elvin Montgomery is a certified appraiser, consultant and dealer who specializes in historical materials. He focuses on informative material that reveals the doings, thinking, achievements and creative products of the past (e.g. archives, documents, books, artifacts, historical photographs, etc.). A board member of the Appraisers Association of America, he has spoken and developed seminars on various collecting, appraisal, collection management and cultural preservation topics.  His appraisal services help both people and institutions to:

He lectures, researches, writes and advises those who own or are building collections.  In addition to appraisals he teaches and advises on collection management and works to promote public awareness of the need for cultural preservation.

He has written a number of books and articles on collecting historical materials, collection management and cultural preservation. His 2001 commercially published book “Collecting African American History” (which is organized by collecting category) is the first book of its kind to focus on the accumulation and understanding of a range of history-bearing objects that pertain to the culture and experience of African Americans. A later article was written for a seminar on cultural preservation that helps people and communities recognize, appreciate and save cultural materials that tell important stories about the past. His 2004 privately published book “The Handbook of African American Appraisal” was the first to present information and guiding principles about the challenging subject of appraising ethnic and cultural materials. In 2004 he also wrote another privately published book on “Collection Management for History, Art and Culture Objects” He is also the author of articles on analyzing collections and judging the condition of vintage and collectible objects that appear in the appraisal handbook (“All About Appraising”) soon to be published by the Appraisers Association of America.  

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