Elvin Montgomery, Ph.D.


Elvin Montgomery Ph.D., AAA is an educator, management consultant and appraiser specializing in historical materials and collectibles. Elvin Montgomery is multi-disciplinary and has well developed expertise in several fields. He has broad professional experience and has worked in a variety of settings including businesses, universities, health care and service delivery organizations. He has considerable experience with professional organizations and cultural institutions (e.g. museums, libraries, historical societies, etc.) and works with private clients who want individualized educational or appraisal services. He is a 1968 graduate of Harvard College and holds a Ph.D., M.Phil. and an M.S. (all in Psychology) from Columbia University. He has worked as a manager or consultant in both the private and non-profit sectors since 1970 and is a member of several professional associations.

Dr. Montgomery is very interested in and active in the antiques and collectibles world, being a consultant and appraiser of historical and cultural materials (vintage and historical books, letters, documents, archives, artifacts, etc.). He serves on the Board of Directors of the Appraisers Association of America and is a certified appraiser (as indicated by the letters AAA after his name). His long time interest in books, documents, artifacts, art, photographs and other types of information bearing objects has enriched his capabilities as an appraiser and he is very alert to the importance of cultural and historical collections. He has written, taught or consulted extensively on collectibles topics and collection management.

An experienced management consultant, Elvin Montgomery knows both the problems and solutions found in different types of organizations. His management consulting services are designed to help organizations make decisions, solve human behavior problems and manage organizational change. His research work has included needs assessment, employee opinion, program evaluation, feasibility and planning studies. His training-related work has included managing a training department, conducting needs assessments and developing customized training packages to solve specific organizational problems. He is deeply interested in educational success, entrepreneurism and innovation (new product development) and has considerable expertise in human resources and solving people-related organizational problems. He is an experienced and effective writer of business, academic and professional documents (e.g. proposals, research reports, strategic plans, program descriptions, etc. 

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