Elvin Montgomery, Ph.D.


Elvin Montgomery Has Been Elected to the Board of AAA

Elvin Montgomery has been elected to the board of directors of the Appraisers Association of America and now has the right to use the designation AAA (indicating that he has been certified by the Appraisers Association). Elvin’s certification is in historical materials (books, documents, historic photographs and artifacts). The Appraisers Association is a leading, national organization of professional appraisers that provides appraisal education, promulgates appraisal standards, helps formulate appraisal policies and practices, safeguards a high level of professional ethics and informs the public about appraisal issues. The association is particularly strong in personal property appraisal and has many highly respected members who specialize in some aspect of the art, antiques and collectibles fields.  The association affords its members the opportunity to interact with the highest levels of the appraisal profession and stay current about the fast changing world of personal property valuation (which is constantly affected by a number of forces such as tax legislation, market trends and events occurring in museums and libraries). AAA is well represented in important venues such as Antiques Road Show and various universities. Its publications are authoritative and wide-ranging. The association has members and chapters throughout the United States and abroad. Its members have a range of interesting and exciting specialties raging from paintings, sculpture, furniture, silver and books to sports and entertainment memorabilia, jewelry, autographs, couture and various types of collectibles.


Elvin Montgomery Ph.D., AAA is an educator, management consultant and appraiser specializing in historical materials and collectibles. Elvin Montgomery is multi-disciplinary and has well developed expertise in several fields. He has broad professional experience and has worked in a variety of settings including businesses, universities, health care and service delivery organizations. He has considerable experience with professional organizations and cultural institutions (e.g. museums, libraries, historical societies, etc.) and works with private clients... More Info

Management and Educational Consulting

Elvin Montgomery Ph.D. is a psychologist and management consultant who specializes in organization development, organizational change, management training and applied organizational research. He provides a range of organization development, training and research services and also facilitates problem solving retreats and planning events... More info


Appraisal Services

In addition to being an educator and management consultant, Elvin Montgomery is a certified appraiser, consultant and dealer who specializes in historical materials... More

Writings & Materials for Sale

Some of the more interesting and rare items in Elvin Montgomery’s inventory include... More